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Why Businesses Who Don’t Use Social Media Are Losing To Competitors.

In only a few years, social media has become one of the strongest branding forces on the web. The movement to inform, engage, and sometimes entertain customers via social media has allowed even small business to experience varied success.

Why is social media so compelling to businesses? According to our media partner,, over 80% of Americans use at least one social network on a regular basis – that is over 245 million consumers who read tweets and Facebook status updates.

Promoting business on social networks has numerous advantages: virality, cost-effectiveness, and brand visibility, to name just a few. If businesses are not actively engaging in social media, they are opening a window of opportunity for competitors to reach customers and potentional prospects unchallenged.

Still not convinced social media connects businesses with prospects and potential customers? This infographic from website development firm Wix takes a closer look at why businesses must go social.

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+Anderson Curry is publisher of Digital Life CEO and Managing Partner at ECS Media Interactive, an Internet marketing agency. Anderson has more than 20 years experience in the technology and marketing industries. He regularly writes and speaks on brand development, social media, technology, and the emergence of the new digital CEO.

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