BestBuy.com Under Hacker Attack, BestBuy Advises All Customers To Change Passwords.

It has only been a few weeks since the professional social network Linkedin was hacked, and hackers got away with several millions Linkedin users passwords. It now appears that those same hackers may be trying to use those passwords to access Bestbuy.com accounts. Today it seem to be Best Buy’s turn in the fire as the retail giant notified it’s customer based via email that some customers’ email accounts may be under attack and to change their passwords.

The email, which went out Friday, says in part:

We are currently investigating increased attempts by hackers around the world to access accounts on BestBuy.com and other online retailers’ e-commerce sites. These hackers did not take username/password combinations from any Best Buy system; they appear to be using combinations taken elsewhere in an attempt to gain access to BestBuy.com accounts.

If you’ve gotten such an email, pay special attention to this part:

Our investigation indicates that your account may have been accessed by these hackers. We are taking action now to help protect your account; we have disabled your current password, and ask that you take a few minutes to reset it.

Best Buy says to reactivate your account, go to BestBuy.com Password Reset, set up a new password, then validate that your personal information is correct.

via: MSNBC

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