LinkedIn Revamps People You May Know Feature For Better Recommendations.

Professional social network LinkedIn announced an update to its People You May Know feature, which is highly utlized by power networkers and the social-influencer elite. 

Not only has LinkedIn modified the appearance of the suggested users, it has also improved the accuracy and relevance of those recommendations by adjusting its algorithm and the way it identifies potential connections.

LinkedIn’s algorithm will now increasingly base its People You May Know suggestions on a user’s existing network including past workplaces and where they’ve gone to school, as well as making it easier to narrow searches by filtering results down to a specific company or school by simply clicking on an institution’s logo at the top of the page.

The social network is also introducing an endless-scroll feature that will present People You May Know recommendations in a seamless two-column flow as users scroll down. Even the presentation of these potential LinkedIn contacts has changed, adding emphasis on displaying the users’ photos.

Credit : Website Magazine.

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