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MailChimp Launches New Free Features and A Paid Service Discounts Offer.

MailChimp, one of the most popular email marketing and newsletter solutions provider announced this week some new enhanced features for the free and paid services. Plus, if you are a user of MailChimp’s Alter Ego security service to protect your account from the bad guys. MailChimp is willing to throw in a 2% discount for being a what they call “Good security-conscious netizens” .

We’re rewarding all our AlterEgo 2-factor security users for being good, security-conscious netizens of the email eco-system by giving them a 2% discount on MailChimp. (Get it? 2-factor security -> 2% discount?) If you manage a large list in MailChimp, this discount can be a pretty significant savings for you. And 2-factor security just might be able to save you from email breaches (which is significant no matter what the size of your list). If you’re an agency who manages clients in MailChimp, you should consider setting up AlterEgo for your clients, because it’ll make you look pretty darn responsible, and save them a little money.

Coinciding with their new discount offering, Mailchimp also updated their newsletter management system to v6.7 which delivers some new goodies.

New Features in v6.7

We recently launched some new (free) features in MailChimp:
  • New option to automatically convert all embedded videos into our email-safe video merge tags (extremely handy for RSS-to-email publishers)
  • Instead of using our segmentation builder, you can now just upload an email list in order to build a quick “static segment” inside MailChimp.
  • Discount on your MailChimp account if you activate our 2-factor security app, Alter Ego (we really, really want to help you make your accounts more secure).
  • New Publicity Settings for your lists (see “Wavelength” below)

Read about the new features on our blog.

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