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MailChimp Updates To V6.9 Brings New Image Editing, Klout Scores, and 30 New Templates.

For a services that offers a free newsletter services for up to 2,000 subscribers. MailChimp is on the march with a promise to users that they will launch new enhancements and features every 4 weeks. Keeping true to their word, Mailchimp has roll out version 6.9 with a whole slew of goodies. Let’s take a look at what’s new in v6.9

Drag and Drop Image Editor

You can now just drag and drop images from your desktop into MailChimp:

and they get uploaded. No need to hit the “browse…upload” button! (but that’s still available for people who prefer that). There’s also an all new image gallery that’s been designed to make file management a lot easier. For starters, there’s a very spiffy, fast new search tool to help you sift through all those images you’ve uploaded over the years:


Aviary Integration

MailChimp is now working with the guys over at  Aviary to build a much more customized image editing interface. You can now crop, resize, rotate, and enhance your images right inside MailChimp:


Reports: Filter by list

Under the Reports tab, there’s a nice, big graph showing your open and click rates over time. This is nice if you only manage one email list. But if you have tons of different lists and lots of different campaigns, this graph becomes totally useless, because all your stats get jumbled into one big timeline:

Some of those lists up there are 10 years old, while some are only one year old. Not quite apples to apples. So MailChimp has added the option to sort that graph by list.

This should make things more sane for you.


Lots of New Free Templates!

According to MailChimp, every 4 weeks they add new sets of HTML email templates to their gallery. In this release, over 30 new templates have been added that include sport and even iPad templates.


Some templates for school announcements:


and templates for iPhone and iPad app developers:

According to Mailchimp, templates are all designed to be fairly flexible. You can tweak colors and logos and graphics to better match your own brand.


Target by default language

You can now send targeted emails based on your recipients’ default language:

This makes it easier to write custom-translated email campaigns for your customers (consider using their Straker integration).


Target by email client

You can also send targeted campaigns to people based on what email app they use (this is pulled from our user-agent stats):

So you can send campaigns designed specifically for people who use, say, mobile email clients, or get specific and target Blackberry users, or Postbox users.

Browse member profiles

Let’s say you launch a cool new app, and you get a flood of new subscribers who want to know more about it. You’re probably very interested in who those people are. You just want to sit back and browse your list to learn more about these early adopters and promoters. You care more about who those people are than you care about opens and clicks. MailChimp never had a really easy way to let you browse through your list and “meet” your subscribers, one by one. So we added little “next” and “previous” buttons. Very simple, but very powerful:

Using this new feature is great.  You can browse your list and if you see an interesting gravatar. When SocialPro is activated, I you see their klout score.  Or even view their public twitter timeline. If they’re someone you think is a VIP, just mark them as a “Golden Monkey” like this:


Which will then automatically sync up with the Golden Monkeys iPhone app, and will send you push alerts if/whenever they engage with your emails.

MailChimp is promising even more new feature and  new tutorials in the upcoming weeks.

Source: MailChimp

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