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T-Mobile Now Offers Squared Mobile Payment Processing To Help Small Business.

T-Mobile, in a joint partnership with square mobile payment processing, has rolled out the iconic Squared Credit Card readers to select T-Mobile retail locations. The Square reader enables users to accept purchases via smartphone or tablet by swiping cards through a small dongle that plugs into the device’s audio jack.

T-Mobile said in it’s statement:

When T-Mobile’s fastest 4G smartphones running on America’s Largest 4G Network® are combined with Square, small businesses can accept credit card payments in the U.S. nearly anywhere, anytime, with the money from transactions sent for deposit into their bank accounts the next business day. This easy-to-use solution, paired with T-Mobile’s affordable small business plans, aggregated business applications, equipment financing and trade-in services, and in-store support, allows small businesses to maximize their wireless investment and transform their business.

Square has really caught fire over the last year with over a million merchants using the service. Traditional credit card processing has been cumbersome for retailers. The brief emergence of mobile credit card processing did not prove to be any less challenging. Square is the optimal solution because it is the easier, more efficient, cost effective solution with low processing fees and simple device. Square charges a fee service of $2.75 percent on each transaction with no contracts, monthly fees, or hidden costs.

Square recently rolled out version 2.2 of it’s app for Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android smartphone which introduces a loyalty programs that rewards customers at the point of sale. The new update also brings many requested features to devices such as the ability to offer refunds and send receipts for past transactions, customize tip percentage options, and search of complete sales history. The Square app now integrates with the iPad for the cash drawer and receipt printer.

Square readers are not avalibale at all T-mobile retail locations. The link below will help you find a location near you.

Click here for a list of T-mobile store locations that carry square readers

Even more, the reader can be purchased at more than 9,000 Apple, Best Buy, RadioShack, Walmart, or Target, store that carries the device. Beware that some Apple store employees are under the impression that Square only works on the iPhone and iPad, which is incorrect.

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